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Corea Harbor Navigation Project

Corea Harbor

Corea Harbor in Gouldsboro, once known locally as Indian Harbor, is a small protected cove at the entrance to Gouldsboro Bay, about 12 miles east of Bar Harbor. The harbor serves a large lobstering fleet and a part-time fishing fleet.

The Corps has made two series of improvements to Corea Harbor. The first, completed in 1938, consists of an eight-foot-deep anchorage basin, 600 feet long and 400 feet wide, in the middle of the harbor. The second series of improvements, completed in 1983, consists of a 1,000-foot-long channel, eight feet deep and 100 feet wide, leading from deep water to the eight-foot anchorage, and two six-foot-deep anchorage areas, each 1.5 acres in area, located at the northeast and southwest corners of the eight-foot anchorage. Work completed in 1983 was constructed under Section 107 of the Continuing Authorities Program.