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Carver's Harbor Navigation Project

Carver's Harbor

Carver’s Harbor in Vinalhaven lies on the southern end of Vinalhaven Island in Penobscot Bay, about 15 miles east of Rockland Harbor. The harbor is used by a large lobstering fleet, fishing trawlers, many transient craft, and for freight and ferry service from Rockland.

The earliest work in the harbor was completed in 1903. It consists of a 23-acre anchorage, 16 feet deep, in the main part of the harbor. Several years later, the Corps built two 10-foot-deep anchorages in the southern part of the harbor. The eastern anchorage is three acres in area, and the western anchorage is four acres in area.

The most recent work in Carver’s Harbor was completed in 1964 and involved extending the 23-acre anchorage north to a point 50 feet from the wharves. This extension, three acres in area, is 10 feet deep. Also constructed at this time was a 500-foot-long channel and anchorage, six feet deep, extending from the northeastern side of the anchorage extension to the town landing. The channel has a width of 75 feet, and the anchorage has a width of 150 feet.