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Camden Harbor Navigation Project

Camden Harbor

Camden Harbor in Camden is a small but well protected cove located in Penobscot Bay, about eight miles north of Rockland Harbor and 35 miles east of Augusta. Camden is a popular summer resort, and the harbor is used extensively by a variety of craft, including small motorboats, windjammers, and large yachts and schooners.

Original work in the harbor, completed in 1875, involved dredging two channels, each seven feet deep and 100 feet wide, on each side of the harbor. The channels had lengths of 1,400 feet and 1,500 feet. In 1897, the Corps dredged a 12-foot-deep area at the entrance to the harbor; a 10-foot-deep area in the main portion of the harbor; and small channels along the wharves in the harbor’s upper end to a depth of five feet.

The project, as it is maintained today, consists of:

  • An area 14 feet deep in the outer harbor, in the vicinity of Steamboat Wharf. This was completed in 1903.

  • An area 10 feet deep in the inner harbor. This was completed in 1911