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Beals Harbor Navigation Project

Beals Harbor

Beals Harbor in Beals, known locally as Barneys Cove, is located on the northwestern side of Beals Island along Moosabec Reach, opposite Jonesport and about 38 miles southwesterly of Eastport. A bridge connects this small fishing town with the mainland. Beals Harbor is used almost exclusively by commercial fishing boats, which principally catch lobsters, scallops, and groundfish.

The project consists of a 10-foot-deep anchorage in the harbor with an average length of 600 feet and a width that varies from 600 - 1,000 feet. The anchorage was completed in 1957. The dredged material was used to create intertidal flats south of the cove, along the west shore of Beals Island. The flats today are harvested for clams, periwinkles, and sea worms.