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Bass Harbor Navigation Project

Bass Harbor

Bass Harbor in Tremont is a large cove located on the southwest side of Mount Desert Island in Blue Hill Bay, about 13 miles southwest of Bar Harbor. The Tremont sections of McKinley and Bernard abut the harbor and are home to a large commercial fishing fleet. The harbor also provides ferry and freight service to Frenchboro, Swans and numerous other offshore islands.

The project in Bass Harbor consists of three adjoining anchorages off the Bernard shore, between Tryhouse Point at the entrance to the harbor and Johns Island about 2,000 feet inside the harbor. The central anchorage is 10 feet deep and eight acres in area and provides access from the harbor entrance to the ledge area south of Johns Island. The western most anchorage, six feet deep and six acres in area, is located between the central anchorage and the Bernard shore, immediately north of Tryhouse Point. The uppermost anchorage is six feet deep and 10 acres in area and extends from the central anchorage to Johns Island, then swings northeasterly around the island.