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Stonington Harbor Navigation Project

Stonington Harbor

Stonington Harbor is situated west of Stonington on the north shore of Fishers Island Sound. Famous in the early 19th century as the home port for many worldwide whaling and sealing expeditions, the harbor is now chiefly a fishing port.

Navigation work in the harbor was first completed by the Corps in 1828. The most recent modifications were completed in 1957. The main features of Stonington Harbor are:

  • Two breakwaters; one off Wamphassuck Point on the west side of the outer harbor, and the second at Bartlett Reef on the east side of the outer harbor, 0.8 mile south of Stonington Point.
  • A 12-foot-deep basin near the middle of the inner harbor.
  • A dredged portion of Penguin Shoal to a depth of 10 feet. Penguin Shoal is located at the southwest end of the inner harbor, near Wamphassuck Point.