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Stamford Harbor Navigation Project


Stamford Harbor

Stamford Harbor is located in southwestern Stamford, about seven miles east of the New York state line. The inner harbor splits into two branches: the West Branch, which ends at the mouth of the Rippowam River, and the East Branch, which passes through the Stamford Hurricane Protection Barrier and ends about 0.75 mile upstream.

Initial work in Stamford Harbor was completed by the Corps in 1886. Since 1919, the harbor has undergone several modifications. Presently, the navigational features of Stamford Harbor include:

Two breakwaters located at the entrance of the harbor on either side of the channel. The east breakwater is 1,200 feet long, and the west breakwater is 2,900 feet long.

A one-mile-long, 200-foot-wide main channel extending from the outer harbor to the inner harbor, where it divides into the East and West branches. The main channel is 18 feet deep for the one-half mile between the outer harbor and the upper end of the 18-foot-deep anchorage located on the channel’s west side. It then becomes 15 feet deep to the junction of the East and West branches.

An anchorage basin 18 feet deep and 19 acres in area on the main channel’s west side, inside the west breakwater..

The one-mile-long West Branch channel, 15 feet deep and 125 feet wide. The channel leads into a large, 15foot-deep maneuvering basin, 380 feet wide, at the mouth of the Rippowam River..

The 1.5-mile-long East Branch channel, 12 feet deep and between 100-150 feet wide, which passes through the navigation gates of the Stamford Hurricane Protection Barrier and ends upstream in Stamford.