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Port Chester Harbor Navigation Project

Port Chester HarborAlthough officially located in the Port Chester section of Rye, New York, Port Chester Harbor is situated on the Byram River, which forms a partial boundary between New York and Connecticut.

The existing project, completed in 1938, provides for:

  • A 1.7-mile-long channel extending from Long Island Sound to a point 100 feet below the fixed bridge at Mill Street in Port Chester. From Long Island Sound to the mouth of the Byram River at the southerly point of Fox Island, the channel is 12 feet deep and 150 feet wide. From the mouth of the river to a point 900 feet below the fixed bridge at Mill Street, the channel is 10 feet deep and 100 feet wide. For the next 800 feet, the channel measures three feet deep and 175-100 feet wide.
  • An anchorage basin 12 feet deep at Byram Point.

The maintenance of Port Chester Harbor is under the jurisdiction of the New York District of the Corps of Engineers.