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Black Rock Harbor Navigation Project

Black Rock Harbor Navigation ProjectBlack Rock Harbor in Bridgeport is an important commercial port that serves several waterfront facilities. It is bordered on the east by Fayerweather Island.

Navigational improvements to Black Rock Harbor were made as early as 1838, when a seawall was constructed along the eastern side of Fayerweather Island. In 1899,groins were built on the east side of the harbor to prevent the shift of sediment from the shore to the navigational area.

The harbor’s main feature is a 2.4-mile-long, 18-foot deep channel that extends from Long Island Sound, through Black Rock Harbor and Cedar Creek, to the heads of the East and West branches of Cedar Creek. The channel is 200 feet wide for the fi rst 1.75 miles, then narrows to 150 feet until the junction of the East and West branches, where it becomes 100 feet wide in each branch.

The channel was completed in 1931.