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Roaring Branch (Arlington) Local Protection Project

Roaring Branch, ArlingtonThe Roaring Branch Local Protection Project in Arlington is located on Roaring Branch in the town’s East Arlington section. This stream, a tributary of the Batten Kill, is one of two rivers in southern Vermont named Roaring Branch; the other is a tributary of the Walloomsac River and passes through Bennington. The snagging and clearing project improves the flow capacity of Roaring Branch, thereby reducing the threat of flooding along this section of stream. Data on damages prevented are not available.

The project was completed by the Corps’ New York District between August-October 1950 at a cost of $10,000. It is maintained by Arlington.

The work involved clearing accumulated gravel, boulders, and eroded material from about 1,000 feet of Roaring Branch channel. The excavated material was deposited along a 300-foot-long section of an earthen dike lying adjacent to Roaring Branch that had been washed out from Roaring Branch floodwaters in December 1948.