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Norwalk Local Protection Project

Norwalk Local Protection Project

The Norwalk Local Protection Project is located on the Norwalk River, in the vicinity of Perry Avenue in Norwalk. This project safeguards about eight acres of residential and commercial property that had been subjected to frequent flooding.

Built between October-December 1951, the project cost $52,000. It is a small project, built under Section 205 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program. It is maintained by the city of Norwalk.

The project entailed enlarging and realigning 1,700 feet of the Norwalk River channel. An 1,100-foot earthfill dike was built along the west bank of the river, and a row of steel sheet piling was installed. An industrial dam was removed to facilitate construction.

The project begins about 1,400 feet downstream of the Merritt Parkway (Route 15) and extends to the head of Deering Pond, at the confluence with the Silvermine River.