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North Canaan Local Protection Project

North Canaan

The North Canaan Local Protection Project involved the snagging and clearing of a 6,500-foot long section of the Blackberry River. The project, which improved the flow capacity of the river, protects an area that includes residential properties along Church Street; a housing development for the elderly; and an industrial plant.

Fallen trees and heavy siltation had created a potentially dangerous flood situation. The removal of accumulated snags and debris was completed between June-September 1977, costing $73,900. This work was considered to be a small project, falling under Section 208 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program.

The work involved the removal of dead brush, standing dead trees, designated live trees, snags, silt, slash, and other debris hindering the passage of floodwaters. Random sand and gravel deposits were also excavated.

The project area lies between the Route 44 Bridge and a point downstream about 1,800 feet from the junction of the Blackberry and Housatonic Rivers.