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Byram River Local Protection Project

Byram River Local Protection ProjectThe Byram River Local Protection Project is located on the Byram River in the Pemberwick section of Greenwich, about one mile upstream of U.S. Route 1. It protects 25 acres of residential and industrial developments.

Construction of the project, built by the Corps’ North Atlantic Division, started in July 1959 and was completed in August 1961, costing $407,000. Ellin Drive was relocated to accommodate construction. The Byram River project is a small project, built under Section 205 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program. It is operated and maintained by Greenwich.

The project widened, deepened, and realigned about 2,400 feet of the Byram River channel. In addition, earthfill dikes were constructed on either side of the river channel 1,300 feet on the right bank and 950 feet on the left bank.