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Ansonia Local Protection Project

Ansonia Local Protection ProjectThe Ansonia Local Protection Project is located along the Naugatuck River and Beaver Brook in southwestern Ansonia and along the Naugatuck River in northwestern Derby. It provides substantial protection for 440 acres of highly developed industrial, commercial, and residential land in Ansonia and Derby.

Construction started in October 1968 and was completed in January 1973. The cost of the project was $20.2 million. It is operated and maintained by Ansonia.

About 10,400 feet of earthfill dikes and 5,600 feet of concrete floodwall constitute the major portion of the project. The works lie along the east bank of the river from Maple Street to the mouth of Beaver Brook, along both banks of Beaver Brook near its mouth, along both banks above Maple Street, and along the west bank in the vicinity of Division Street. Four pumping stations are provided to handle storm drainage and sanitary sewage. Work also included the widening and straightening of 13,000 feet of river channel; the construction of a 1,400-foot conduit along Beaver Brook; and the construction of five swing gates that allow the passage of railroad and vehicular traffic.