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Posted 9/30/2016

Release no. 2016-086

Tim Dugan

CONCORD, Mass. Painting of the tainter gates at the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier in Providence, Rhode Island, will be conducted under the terms of a $2,375,000.00 contract recently issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District.


Work will be accomplished by Southern Road & Bridge, LLC, of Tarpon Springs, Fla. Work consists of the painting of the three tainter gates at the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier. The contract was awarded on Sept. 26, 2016. Once a notice to proceed is issued the work will be authorized to start.


The contractor will completely remove the existing paint system and all corrosion to bare steel on all surfaces of the three tainter gates by abrasive blasting. Water blasting is not permitted for preparation of the steel surfaces for painting. Following steel preparation by blasting, a new vinyl paint system will be applied.


A temporary steel bulkhead will be constructed and installed, in turn, on the ocean side of each gate bay during the timeframe that the gate will be out of service. The bulkhead will be removed to each bay location as the work progresses from gate to gate. The bulkhead, which substitutes for a closed gate, is designed to work in conjunction with the remaining two operational gates when they are closed to block water level fluctuations caused by high and low tides. The temporary bulkhead will be placed in each of the waterway openings prior to the start of preparation and painting of the tainter gate in that opening.


The project will be managed by the Corps of Engineers and all work will be accomplished under the supervision of a Corps’ Quality Assurance Representative to assure compliance with contract requirements.


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