Who We Are

New England District is responsible for managing the Corps' civil works and military program responsibilities in a 66,000-square-mile region encompassing the six New England states east of the Lake Champlain drainage basin.

The region has:

  • 6,100 miles of coastline
  • 171 harbors with Corps improvements
  • 13 deep draft commercial waterways
  • 13 major river basins
  • thousands of miles of rivers and streams

The District employs about 500 professional civilian employees, with several military officers serving in key management positions. Seventy-five percent of the staff is stationed at the Concord, Mass., headquarters, while the others serve at Corps projets and area offices throughout the region.

The missions of the New England District are many and varied. They include:

  • Environmental restoration and stewardship
  • Flood damage reduction
  • Natural resource and recreation management
  • Streambank and shoreline protection
  • Navigation improvements and maintenance
  • Disaster assistance
  • Regulatory program
  • Engineering and construction management support to other agencies
  • Support to military


Latest News Releases

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Published: 8/19/2014

Town of Winthrop seeks Corps permit to construct pedestrian walkway into the Crystal Cove area

CONCORD, Mass. – The town of Winthrop is seeking a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New
Published: 8/12/2014

Melville Associates, LP seeks Corps permit to construct commercial waterfront recreation facility in Portsmouth

CONCORD, Mass. – Melville Associates, LP is seeking a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
Published: 8/5/2014

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