State General Permits

In the New England District, the nationwide permits (a series of general permits issued by Corps Washington D.C. Headquarters for minor projects in certain areas across the country) have been suspended and replaced with a state general permit (GP) in each state.  The GPs vary by state, reduce duplication in review between the Corps and the state, and expedite the permit review process for the applicant.

Each state GP utilizes a tiered approach with two categories linked to impact thresholds that determine the level of review necessary from the Corps Federal perspective.  Certain activities are presumed to have minimal impacts and therefore do not require an application to the Corps (but may require a Notification Form depending on the state) once an applicant has obtained all required local, state and Federal approvals.  Activities with the potential for greater than minimal impacts require an application for Corps review.

Click the link below for information on each state's general permit program:

Updated: September 7, 2019

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