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Regulatory/Permitting Public Notices

Tag: MassDOT
  • NAE-2009-00716

    MADOT-I-95 Southbound Ramp; Waterway & loc: unnamed waters & wetlands, I-95 Southbound Ramp at University Ave/Blue Hill Dr intersection & MBTA Driveway intersection, Dedham & Westwood, Mass.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 5/6/2014Ends: 6/5/2014

  • NAE-2014-00525

    MassDOT-Highway Div-Bridge #W-37-009; Waterway & loc: conveying Hopper Rd., over the Green River, Williamstown, Mass.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 4/15/2014Ends: 5/15/2014

  • NAE-2011-01520

    MassDOT-Woods Memorial Bridge, No. E-12-004, M-12-018; waterway & Loc: Malden River, Revere Beach Pkwy (Rt. 16), Everett and Medford, Massachusetts.Public comment period:Begins: 8/20/2013Ends: 9/20/2013