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Regulatory/Permitting Public Notices

Tag: kelp
  • NAE-2021-02096

    The District Engineer has received a permit application to conduct work in waters of the United States from Running Tide Technologies. This work is proposed in the Atlantic Ocean, 65 nautical miles off the coast of Massachusetts, at Fippennies Ledge. The site coordinates are: Latitude 42.821782

  • NAE- 2019-00271

    Expiration date: 9/14/2019

    District Engineer received a permit application from Cos Cob Kelp and Shell for work in Long Island Sound area northeast of Payea Reach for commercial cultivation of winter crop native sugar kelp.

  • NAE-2018-01830LionMindVentures.

    Expiration date: 10/3/2018

    State: CT; LionMind Ventures, LLC; Waterway & Location: Fishers Island Sound, Stonington, CT.  Proposed work in the waters of Fishers Island Sound, under this permit application is for the commercial cultivation of a winter crop of native sugar kelp.