Littleville Lake, Huntington

Littleville Lake, Huntington, Mass.

Recreation Facilities/Activities

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers welcomes you to Littleville Lake about one mile off Rt.112 in Huntington and Chester, Mass. The 1,567 acre park offers visitors many opportunities to enjoy a variety of outdoor recreation activities. The Littleville Lake Reservoir Area is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Situated in the scenic Berkshire Hills, hikers and sightseers can enjoy wandering along the old cart roads that run on both sides of the lake. During the fall foliage season, Littleville Lake and nearby areas provide leaf peepers with many scenic vistas. A small picnic area available just below the dam. 

Every spring, water releases at Littleville Lake are coordinated with those from nearby Knightville Dam to provide challenging flows for the annual Westfield River Wildwater Canoe Races. The Huntington Access Area provides a boat ramp and parking area for easy access to the lake for fishing. Motors, however are limited to a maximum of 10 horsepower. Canoes may be launched at the upper end of the reservoir in the Dayville Area.

Littleville Lake is a favorite spot for fishermen all year round. Trout, bass, yellow perch and smelt are major species found in the lake. Hunting and fishing are permitted in accordance with posted restrictions and Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife laws. For more information on hunting or fishing, you can contact the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife.

Ice fishing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing and sledding are very popular during the quiet and serene days of winter.

Swimming and camping are prohibited at Littleville Lake because the lake serves as a backup water supply reservoir for the city of Springfield, Mass.

Interpretive Programs

We'd like to invite you to our offering of educational and recreational programs at Littleville Lake. These family-oriented activities currently include trail walks and dam tours. Programs are open to the public and best of all, they are free. All ages are welcome; however, we do ask adults to accompany their children.

Special interpretive programs are offered and include such topics as Water Safety, the Water Cycle, The History of the Corps of Engineers and Flood Control. Rangers can also prepare a program that deals with the Corps of Engineers and it's missions, water resources or natural resources and tailor it to your needs. These programs can be given here at the Dam, or we can come to your group or school. Contact the Park Ranger for more information on any of these programs or to schedule a program.

Natural Resources

The undeveloped areas of Littleville Lake are managed to preserve and promote the forest and wildlife resources. The hundreds of acres of hemlock, pine and mixed hardwoods are managed by Corps personnel to provide timber and fuel wood, improve wildlife habitat and to insure water quality.

Wildlife is abundant in the forests fields and waters of Littleville lake. If you are lucky you may see deer, coyotes and many other species on project lands. Many species of birds including bluebirds, ospreys and turkey vultures have been seen at Littleville Lake.

Each spring and fall the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife stocks both Littleville Lake and the Westfield River with trout.

When you visit Littleville remember that you are a visitor. The plants and animals you see make Littleville their home, respecting their space is our responsibility. Carry out any trash you carry in, stay on the trails and keep a safe distance from wildlife. We at Littleville thank you in advance.

- Updated: June 17, 2022




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