Natick Soldier Systems Center Master Plan

The U.S. Army Natick Soldiers Systems Center (NSSC) is located in Natick, Massachusetts, approximately 20 miles west of Boston and 30 miles east of Worcester. The installation is located on a peninsula on the eastern shore of the South Basin of Lake Cochituate. The Army built the Natick Laboratory in 1954 and has since used the area for industrial, laboratory, and storage activities for research and development in food science, aero-mechanical, clothing, material, and equipment engineering.

The Real Property Master Plan (RPMP) is a decision-support document and the recommended or proposed actions must be assessed for their environmental effects in accordance with AR 210-20. An Environmental Assessment (EA) is completed to evaluate the potential impacts and cumulative effects of projects being proposed in the RPMP. The EA also provides responsible and timely protection, conservation, and enhancement of project environmental and cultural resources and ensures environmental mandates and considerations are incorporated in the planning process.

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