Partnership with City of Boston

The U.S Army Corps of Engineer's partnership the the City of Boston will build on the work of the Climate Ready Boston initiative. This initiative works to prepare Boston’s waterfront for the near- and long-term effects of climate change. Climate Ready Boston has completed neighborhood coastal resilience plans to protect Boston's 47-mile coastline from flooding. These plans include solutions for the East Boston, Charlestown, Downtown/North End, Dorchester, and South Boston waterfront.

Study for City of Boston Coastal Storm Risk Management

The Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) Feasibility Study led by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District will assess coastal storm risks to the City of Boston, the 23rd largest city in the United States, home to Boston Harbor the largest regional port in New England. The Study will consider near-term and long-term risks that include routine storms; nor’easters; storm surge; as well as incorporating sea level change along the 47 miles of coastline in the city. It will consider existing city, federal, state, and local plans and projects to ensure a complete system approach toward community resilience. It will assess the effects on populations, ecosystems, property, transportation and infrastructure across the city. The Study will result in a recommended plan to manage coastal storm risk that may include construction.

Through an integrated Feasibility Study with a NEPA document, the project team will develop recommendations for structural, non-structural, as well as natural based features to reduce the risk of coastal flooding on the community, the economy, and the infrastructure.  Evaluations will be made to assess impacts to the Nation, socio-economic impacts to the community, environmental impacts to the natural resources, as well as impacts to the cultural and archaeological resources in the project area. 

The Study is authorized under a 1969 Senate Resolution and funding was received in 2022 to initiate and execute the study.  

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