Rockland Disposal Site

Rockland Disposal siteThe Rockland Disposal Site (RDS) is a regional dredged material disposal site located in the state waters of Maine. RDS is situated in West Penobscot Bay, approximately 8 kilometers (4.3 nautical miles) east of Rockland Harbor and is exposed to the Gulf of Maine to the south. RDS is defined as a 930 x 930 meter (3,051 x 3,051 feet) area on the seafloor centered at coordinates 44º 07.105' N, 69º00.269' W (NAD 83). Water depths within RDS range from 66 to 72 meters (216 feet. to 236 feet), except for a deeper trough situated within the northeastern quadrant of the site, where water depths reach 80 meters (262 feet). 


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