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Rockland Disposal Site

Rockland Disposal siteThe Rockland Disposal Site (RDS) is one of the three regional dredged material disposal sites located in the waters of Maine. RDS covers a 0.25 nmi2 (0.87 km2) area of seafloor within West Penobscot Bay and is centered at 44° 07.105' N, 69° 00.269' W (NAD 83). It is located approximately 3.1 nmi (5.7 km) east-southeast of Brewster Point, Glen Cove, Maine. Sediments deposited at RDS have originated from dredging projects in Rockland, Camden, and Castine Harbors, as well as Bangor, Belfast, and Searsport. However, due to the intermittent nature of disposal at RDS, monitoring efforts have not been as intensive as those at other New England sites. Since 1982, approximately 1,377,126 yd3 of dredged material have been deposited at the site.

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