Eastern Long Island Sound, Connecticut

Eastern Long Island Sound Disposal SiteThe Eastern Long Island Sound Disposal Site (ELDS) was formally designated as an Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) by the USEPA in December 2016. ELDS is situated approximately 4.7 kilometers (2.5 nautical miles) southwest of Eastern Point, Groton, Connecticut. The site boundary is a polygon, roughly rectangular in shape, and occupies a 4.5 square kilometer (1.3 square nautical mile) area on the seafloor. Water depths within the site range from approximately 14 meters (45 feet) in the north to 30 meters (100 feet) in the south. The irregular shape of the ELDS boundary is due to the presence of hard bottom areas that were excluded from the disposal site.

Additional information about the monitoring and management of ELDS, including the current Site Management and Monitoring Plan (SMMP), can be found on the EPA Region 1 Ocean Dumping web page.


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