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Cape Porpoise Harbor

Cape Porpoise Harbor

Cape Porpoise Harbor is located in the Cape Porpoise section of Kennebunkport, about 27 miles southwest of Portland. The harbor consists of three coves indenting the shore of Cape Porpoise, an active lobstering center with large fishing and recreational fleets. The town wharf is located on Bickford Island, which is connected by a causeway to Cape Porpoise.

Corps’ work at Cape Porpoise Harbor began around the turn of the century, with the most recent work completed in 1950. This work involved:

  • Deepening, straightening, and widening about 200 feet of the outer channel by removing ledge rock between Goat and Folly islands. The rock was removed to a depth of 18 feet, and the channel was widened to 200 feet.

  • Constructing a 930-foot-long entrance channel, 16 feet deep, extending through the bar west of Goat Island to a point between Milk and Bass islands. The channel is 450 feet long and 200 feet wide through the bar, then 480 feet long and 200-500 feet wide between Milk and Bass islands.

  • Constructing a combined channel and anchorage extending 2,150 feet from a point between Milk and Bass islands to the town wharf on Bickford Island. The channel is 15 feet deep with a maximum width of 600 feet.

  • Constructing a 2,000-foot-long channel, six feet deep and 100 feet wide, extending from the town wharf to the head of Porpoise Cove.