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Night-time work on Brookline Avenue Inbound due to Muddy River project beginning February 1

Published Jan. 12, 2016
Map of Muddy River construction phase set to begin February 1, 2016.

Map of Muddy River construction phase set to begin February 1, 2016.

CONCORD, Mass. – Construction activities continue on Phase 1 of the $30.9 million Muddy River Flood Risk Management and Environmental Restoration project in Boston, Massachusetts. On Monday, February 1, temporary night-time work will begin on Brookline Avenue Inbound in order to remove the temporary diversion pit that was installed in the roadway as part of the 84” temporary storm drain bypass system. The previously installed 84” bypass pipe was necessary to divert the flow of two existing drain lines so that the new Brookline Avenue culvert and a new permanent diversion structure connecting these two drain lines into the Brookline Avenue culvert could be constructed in 2014. The temporary diversion pit is a structure which connected the flow from both drain lines and spilled into the 84” temporary bypass pipe. Now that the construction of the Brookline Avenue culvert is complete, and the existing drain lines can be discharged into the culvert, this temporary diversion pit and 84” bypass pipe must be removed. In order to not impact vehicular traffic flow during the day, this temporary night-time work is necessary. The expected duration of the night-time work is 3 weeks.

Details concerning this night-time work are as follows:

• Hours will be from 7pm to 5am
• Police detail will be provided for the duration of night time work
• Vehicular lane closure of Brookline Avenue Inbound and detouring of traffic to Avenue Louis Pasteur
• Pedestrian sidewalk on Brookline Avenue Inbound will remain open
• Excavation of roadway; installation of support of excavation; sliplining the existing 45” brick drain; repairing the existing 51” concrete drain; removal of the 84” bypass pipe; and removal and backfilling of the temporary diversion pit
• Majority of equipment will be limited to excavators and loaders. Jack hammers may need to be utilized in a temporary fashion for demolition
• Before rush hour traffic, the site will be restored daily for vehicular traffic with steel plate or asphalt across the excavation depending on timing and stage of the task

These activities are necessary in order to permanently connect the two existing drain lines into the constructed new Brookline Avenue culvert as an end condition feature of this project. We will do all we can to minimize impacts to the public during these activities.

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Tim Dugan

Release no. 16-003