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New England District
Public Affairs Office
696 Virginia Road
Concord, MA 01742

Public Affairs Office

The New England District Public Affairs Office is responsible for a comprehensive communication and public affairs program to encourage a climate of understanding of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers many missions through participation in our processes, and with an information program founded on organizational performance and deeds -- to build public understanding of how our daily work relates to the Nation and the community-at-large. 

External Communications (Media Relations and Public Information):

  • Acts as media liaison, issues press releases and serves as central point of contact for all media, both electronic and print.
  • Coordinates, executes and conducts all media events; cooperates and is interactive with both print and electronic media. 
  • Coordinates, compiles, writes, publishes, and distributes quarterly Update Reports for each New England State.
  • Coordinates with all affected agencies on Federal, State and Local levels.
  • Responsible for all web-based and online informational content.

Internal Communications (Command Information):

  • Combines the information requirements of the command with the information desires of the internal audience through publication of the Weekly Bulletin and monthly publication of the District Newsletter, the Yankee Engineer.
  • Coordinates and disseminates informational products in support of mission objectives to include the targeted newsletters and other publications, and other electronic media.
  • Acts as central POC for all printed media (publications, brochures) and internal online communication products.

Public Outreach/Involvement:

  • Identifies issues as they relate to individual projects and programs and establishes and implements a coordinated communication program with an understanding of the public's perception of risk with regard to the project.
  • Develops public participation windows of opportunity to establish dialogue with stakeholders, and then listens and responds to the public's specific concerns.
  • Coordinates, executes and conducts all public meetings, hearings, workshops, etcetera, to include Regulatory & NEPA, and other related activities.
  • Serves as central POC for all Outreach efforts and events, responsible for developing, executing and participating in programs that contribute to a climate of public understanding and acceptance of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in New England.

Community Relations:

  • Disseminates information of interest to stakeholders; coordinates, develops, compiles and executes all public displays, exhibits and District participation in public expos and fairs, trade shows, and specialty events; manages and coordinates the District Speaker's Bureau.
  • Identifies external audiences and publics throughout region and designs and coordinates outreach efforts at both our facilities and through our participation at external events such as open houses, chamber of commerce meetings, private organization activities, school events, and other local functions, tours and activities throughout New England.
  • Manages, coordinates and executes a wide variety of special events for District, higher headquarters, and other Federal agencies.