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USACE releases contact information should public find yellow plastic tubing on Cape Cod

USACE, New England District
Published Feb. 22, 2022

 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District announced today contact information if members of the public find yellow plastic tubing on Massachusetts beaches, particularly Cape Cod shore areas. The yellow tubing is called shock tubing and was used by a USACE contractor during blasting work for the $300 million Boston Harbor dredging project.

This shock-tubing is used during rock blasting solely for transmission of an explosive charge, is inert, and contains no explosive materials. Though the contractor was attentive to clean-ups of this tubing after each blast, the deep channel conditions, and frequent flow of vessel traffic in and out of the harbor unfortunately made it impossible to account for all the used shock tubing. USACE has been in communication with the contractor who is assisting in clean-up efforts. The shock tube is made from low‐density polyethylene and is considered safe for humans to touch, but small pieces can create health problems for birds or other animals if ingested.

The New England District is grateful to the Center for Coastal Studies Marine Debris & Plastic Program for bringing to our attention the presence of shock tubing on regional beaches as the
health and cleanliness of the marine environment and beaches is of great importance.

Should anyone find yellow plastic tubing which could possibly be shock tubing, please note the location and contact our USACE point of contact, Todd Randall, at (978) 318-8518 or send an email to todd.a.randall@usace.army.mil.

Bryan Purtell

Release no. 22-011