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Corps of Engineers awards contract for East Access Road repairs at Union Village Dam in East Thetford

Published Sept. 17, 2019

CONCORD, Mass. A project to repair East Access Road at Union Village Dam in East Thetford, Vermont, will be completed under the terms of a $1,320,663.00 contract recently awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District.


Work will be accomplished by Lucianos Excavation Inc. of Taunton, Massachusetts. The contract was awarded on Aug. 16, 2019. A notice to proceed has been issued and work is underway. Work is anticipated to be completed within 6 months.


Work is needed to repair East Access Road at 12 separate locations along its 3 miles. The road sustained substantial damage during a high intensity storm that dropped about 4.5 inches of rain in a short period of time on July 1, 2017. The damage included extensive washout and collapse along portions of the road, displacement of culverts, erosion along road edges, clogging of culverts, sediment and debris deposits at inlet and outlet of culverts, scouring at outlet end of culverts, sediment and debris deposits adjacent to the road, and the filling of roadside drainage ditches with sediment, debris and brush.


The road is closed and will remain closed until completion of repairs. Construction work consists of the full depth rebuilding of approximately 900 feet of gravel road with new roadside drainage ditch; full depth rebuilding of approximately 700 feet of bituminous concrete paved road with new roadside drainage ditch; removal and offsite disposal of one 48-inch diameter bituminous coated corrugated metal pipe culvert and its replacement with 54-inch reinforced arch concrete pipe; removal and offsite disposal of five 15-inch to 30-inch diameter bituminous coated corrugated metal pipe culverts and their replacements with high density polyethylene corrugated pipes; removal, offsite disposal, and replacement of four existing concrete block drop inlets and their iron castings with precast reinforced concrete drop inlets; and installation of three dry fieldstone headwalls and one precast reinforced concrete headwall.


Work also includes placement of rock-lined inlet and outlet protection at each new culvert; cleaning, regrading, and rock-lining inlet and outlet swales at several culverts to remain in place; import and placement of approximately 500 cubic yards of beach sand and the grading of material to reestablish a 5,400-square-foot beach adjacent to Ompompanoosuc River; removal and offsite disposal of sediment, debris, and brush from approximately 2,000 feet of existing 3-foot-wide by 2-foot-deep roadside drainage ditches and their regrading and hydroseeding; removal and offsite disposal of washover material consisting of sediment, cobbles, debris, and brush from a 4,000-square-foot area; minor repairs at eight locations along the gravel road by filling and compacting eroded areas and washed-out road edges; cleaning and flushing of four existing 15-inch to 30-inch diameter HDPE pipe culverts; rock-lining of two large slope areas with 24-inch riprap with a portion of the toe work to be within the Ompompanoosuc River; removal and offsite disposal of 12 linear feet of existing gabion wall and the installation of 42 linear feet of new gabion wall to widen gravel road; and installation, maintenance and removal of erosion and sediment controls.


The road repair also requires gravel road maintenance work by repairing, grading and compacting ruts and potholes with 250 cubic yards of gravel fill at specified locations along the 2.5 miles of gravel road, and the resetting of a property boundary marker. The project will be managed by the Corps of Engineers and all work will be accomplished under the supervision of a Corps’ Quality Assurance Representative to assure compliance with contract requirements.


Union Village Dam, a dry-bed reservoir project on the Ompompanoosuc River in Thetford, is a 1,100‑foot‑long, 170‑foot‑high earthen structure capable of storing 12.3 billion gallons of water in a 740‑acre lake. Construction on the $4.1 million dam was completed in 1950, and since that time the facility has prevented damages of more than $64.8 million. More than 41,000 visitors annually enjoy picnicking, including a pavilion which can be reserved for a nominal fee, swimming, hiking, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling available on Union Village’s 991 acres of land and water. For more information call (802) 649-1606 or visit the website at https://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/Union-Village-Dam/.


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Tim Dugan

Release no. 19-078