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Corps of Engineers awards contract for access road paving at Ball Mountain Lake dam in Jamaica

Published May 14, 2019

CONCORD, Mass. Access road paving at the Ball Mountain Lake dam in Jamaica, Vermont, will be completed under the terms of a $116,725.00 contract recently awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District.


Work will be accomplished by Bazin Brothers’ Trucking, Inc. of Westminster, Vermont. The contract was awarded on April 26, 2019. Once a notice to proceed is issued by the Corps of Engineers, construction will be authorized to start. Work will likely occur in the summer of 2019. The work consists of providing and installing approximately 375 cubic yards of crushed gravel for a 3-inch compacted sub-base on an access road 14 feet wide and approximately 3,000 feet long.


Work requires providing and installing approximately 5,300 square yards of new hot mix bituminous concrete pavement (asphalt pavement) on compacted gravel sub-base on the reservoir access road. The access road is 14 feet wide and approximately 3,000 feet long with two parking areas 100 feet wide x 45 feet long and 35 feet wide x 27 feet long. The finished surface of asphalt pavement will match existing drainage patterns. It also requires providing and installing approximately 64 cubic yards of crushed gravel along 6,000 linear feet of the newly paved reservoir access road and two parking areas for a 1 foot wide shoulder.


The project will be managed by the Corps of Engineers and all work will be accomplished under the supervision of a Corps’ Quality Assurance Representative to assure compliance with contract requirements.


Ball Mountain Lake Dam on the West River in Jamaica was constructed at a cost of $11 million in 1961. The 915‑foot‑long, 265‑foot‑high dam can impound a 54,600‑acre‑foot reservoir, which is equivalent to 17.8 billion gallons of water. During the 1987 floods, Ball Mountain Dam utilized 100 percent of its storage capacity and prevented damages of $18.3 million. Since it was placed in operation in 1961, it has prevented damages of $185.4 million. The reservoir area offers many recreational opportunities, including swimming, picnicking, fishing, hunting, canoeing, nature study and camping at Winhall Brook Camping Area in South Londonderry. Ball Mountain welcomes more than 130,000 visitors each year.


For more information on recreation at Ball Mountain Lake call (802) 874-4881 or visit the website at



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Tim Dugan

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