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Nationwide Permits Suspension in New England

We have suspended Nationwide Permits in New England and use these state-specific general permits: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

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State General Permits

In the New England District, the nationwide permits (a series of general permits issued by the Corps Washington office for minor projects in certain areas across the country) have been suspended and replaced with State General Permits. State General Permits vary by state. However, they all take advantage of strong state coastal and wetland protection laws, reduce duplication in review between the Corps and the state, and expedite the permit review process for the applicant.

Additionally, each State General Permit utilizes a tiered approach with categories linked to impact thresholds. These thresholds are listed in the individual permits and determine the level of review necessary from the federal perspective. For example, certain activities are non-reporting to the Corps once an applicant has obtained all required state and local approvals.

For information on the specifics of the individual states' general permit program, click the desired link below.

Monthly "Permits Issued" can be found here.