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Regulatory/Permitting Public Notices

Tag: Highway Division
  • NAE-2014-02059

    Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Highway Division; waterway & loc: Assabet River, Mill Pond & various unnamed waters of the U.S., including wetlands along a 3.42-mile long section of abandoned railroad line in Maynard & Acton, Massachusetts.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 6/2/2015Ends:

  • NAE-2013-01908

    MassDOT- Highway Div; waterway & loc: Bass River at a former railroad bridge crossing, Yarmouth & Dennis, Massachusetts.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 2/24/2015Ends: 3/26/2015

  • NAE-2014-00987

    Masschusetts Department of Transportation (Highway Division), Amethyst Brook Bridge #P-04-006; Waterway & loc: Meetinghouse Rd, over Amethyst Brook, Pelham, Mass.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 7/22/2014Ends: 8/21/2014

  • NAE-2014-00525

    MassDOT-Highway Div-Bridge #W-37-009; Waterway & loc: conveying Hopper Rd., over the Green River, Williamstown, Mass.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 4/15/2014Ends: 5/15/2014