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Regulatory/Permitting Public Notices

Tag: Old Saybrook
  • NAE-2007-01330

    The District Engineer has received a permit application to conduct work in waters of the United States from KNOLLWOOD BEACH ASSOCIATION, INC. C/O DONALD HUNT, 14 BEACHWOOD ROAD, OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT. This work is proposed in waters of Long Island Sound in the vicinity of Maple Avenue

  • NAE-2017-02706

    Expiration date: 5/7/2020

    District Engineer received a permit application from Lynde Point Land Trust, Inc. for work proposed in Long Island Sound and Crab Creek east and northeast of 6 Mohegan Avenue, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

  • NAE-2007-00018

    Mark Flynn; Waterway & loc: title wetlands & Hydes Point Creek, Lower CT River, 88 Ayers Point Rd., Old Saybrook, Conn.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 3/18/2014Ends: 4/17/2014

  • NAE-2012-00722

    Alan Howell; Waterway & loc: Hydes Point Creek, 132 Ayers Point Rd, Old Saybrook, Connecticut.