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Regulatory/Permitting Public Notices

Tag: Lake Champlain
  • NAE-2019-01370

    The District Engineer has received a permit application to conduct work in waters of the United States from the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center, Inc. located at 505 Lake Street in Burlington, Vermont and the City of Burlington located at 645 Pine Street in Burlington, Vermont.. This work is

  • NAE-2013-01918

    Expiration date: 7/25/2019

    The District Engineer received a permit application from the City of Burlington for the reconstruction, widening and realignment of an existing bike path in Burlington Bay of Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT.

  • NAE-2014-01260

    Expiration date: 7/26/2017

    Burlington Harbor Marina, LLC, of Burlington, VT, has submitted an application to place and maintain a new 160-slip, full-service, public marina facility in Burlington Harbor of Lake Champlain off Penny Lane in Burlington.

  • NAE-2010-02449

    Expiration date: 3/8/2017

    Saint Albans Bay Marina has submitted a permit application to conduct work in Lake Champlain to place and maintain a new commercial and recreational docking facility located in St. Albans, Vermont 05481

  • NAE-2015-01621

    Expiration date: 7/7/2016

    Beach Properties, Inc., of Vergennes, VT has submitted a permit application to place and maintain a new docking system and swim area; remove four concrete piers; modify an existing concrete pier; and replace an existing retaining wall at a commercial marina and resort in Lake Champlain in

  • NAE-2014-1674

    Expiration date: 4/29/2016

    Vermont Transco, LLC., and New York Power Authority have submitted a permit application to place fill and perform work in Lake Champlain in conjunction with the installation of four new sub-aqueous 115kV transmission lines between Plattsburgh, NY and Grand Isle, VT.

  • NAE-2012-01569

    Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife; waterway & loc: Lake Champlain, U.S. Rt. 2 & Featherbed Lane, South Hero, Vt.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 1/28/2014Ends: 2/28/2014

  • NAE-2008-02790

    Bay Harbor Marina, Inc.; waterway & loc: Malletts Bay of Lake Champlain, Colchester, Vermont.Public comment period:Begins: 8/20/2013Ends: 9/20/2013

  • NAE-2013-01425

    Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department; waterway & loc: Converse Bay of Lake Champlain, Charlotte, Vermont.Public Comment PeriodBegins: 8/13/2013Ends: 9/11/2013