Ender's Island Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project

The New England District received funding in fiscal year 2010, to initiate a feasibility investigation to determine Federal interest in developing a shore protection project for St. Edmund’s Retreat on Enders Island in Mystic, Conn. This investigation is being conducted under the Section 103 program.

The Catholic Church’s Archdiocese of Connecticut owns and operates the Ender’s Island facility and associated property. It is used by many church and non-church related groups as a retreat center. In addition to the retreat center, many community groups host events at Ender's Island such as, luncheons, receptions, anniversaries, reunions, lectures, recovery and leadership programs, workshops, annual and planning meetings, training, conferences, etc. The facility also provides a place to perform community service, including court mandated, high school and Eagle Scout community service and projects.

Over 17,000 visitors come to the island from as far away as Florida, Louisiana and Illinois. The property is accessible via a causeway and provides free public parking on the island. The grounds are open to the public free of charge and are used by walkers, bicyclists, swimmers, picnickers and anglers. A masonry seawall protects the property and facilities from storms, but the wall is currently in poor condition, especially on the southeast side. The study will examine alternatives for protecting the existing infrastructure and preventing erosion and coastal flooding.

Once federal interest is determined and a cost shared agreement is executed, the Corps will develop alternatives to protect the seawall and control erosion, evaluate the alternatives and recommend an alternative plan that is complies with Corps policies and procedures. The recommended alternative plan will be based on the alternative that most effectively optimizes flood/storm damage reduction, while minimizing any negative effects to existing habitat, flora and fauna and cultural resources.

For more information, please contact the Project Manager at 978-318-8603.

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