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System Management Engineering Facility Project progressing at Hanscom Air Force Base

USACE, New England District
Published March 8, 2019
System Management Engineering Facility

Interior ot the new System Management Engineering Facility Project progressing at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, Massachusetts. Work is currently ongoing.

Construction of the System Management Engineering Facility (SMEF), the 40,000 square foot, 2-story addition, is well underway and progressing rapidly.  The construction went vertical late last fall with the installation of the steel superstructure, completed in January 2019 and is on schedule.  The building shell is scheduled to be completed in early July 2019, then construction moves inside until January 2020, the scheduled completion date.   This is one of many projects that New England District is doing for Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Work began on this $17 million design-build contract in January 2018.  The contract was awarded to J&J/BBIX Joint Venture of North Billerica, Massachusetts.  Besides the addition, it includes the associated site work – parking lots, utilities, abatement and demolition of three existing buildings, as well as other site improvements.  As this is a large undertaking for a relatively short amount of time, the team agreed to facilitate the effort by packaging the design/construction effort in three distinct phases, demolition and abatement, site work and the addition. 

“By executing the contract in three distinct phases, we were able to fast track the construction effort, starting the site work and demolition work while the interior design of the addition was being completed,” said Sheila Bergeron, District Project Manager.  “With this process, the contractor was able to mobilize and begin the abatement and demolition work in April 2018 and site work in June 2018.  By doing this, work started four months earlier than if we needed to wait for all the design to be completed.”

This project is an addition to Building 1604, which also was constructed in 2010.  “The end product for this project is to have a single uniform building providing a consistent look and feel you would not be aware of when you transition from the original building into the addition.” said Jim Conway, Hanscom Resident Office, Resident Engineer.  “We have the advantage of having the contractor from the original project on board again, which helps maintain this uniformity.”

Conway said the addition will include energy efficient items and comply with current codes which differs from the construction in 2010 of the original building.

Once completed, this addition will provide workspace for approximately 150 people.  “These people will be relocated from a deteriorated building built in the 1950s and beyond its economic life,” said Bergeron.  “I’ve worked in a deteriorated building and am well aware of the impacts all the maintenance issues have on productivity of the tenants and operating costs.”

The design-build construction project is managed by the District.  District team members working on the project include: Jim Conway, Michelle Jellison, Ken Paton, Joanne Burnham, John Shannon, Erin Bradley and Sheila Bergeron.