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Regulatory/Permitting Public Notices

June, 2013

NAE-2013-00754 - 6/25/2013: Gordon Fraser-culturing & harvesting of bivalve mollusks (oysters) in the subtitle habitat of a 4-acre area; Waterway & loc: Head of the Harbor, Nantucket, Mass.
Expiration date:

NAE-2006-01350 - 6/25/2013: Earl's Marina, Inc; Waterway & loc: Nasketucket Bay, 56 Goulart Memorial Drive, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Expiration date:

NAE-2013-00714 - 6/13/2013: Proposed Department of the Army New England General Permit for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. 
Expiration date:

NAE-2012-00312 - 6/11/2013: Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and Town of Harwich; waterway & loc: Nantucket Sound off the coast of Harwich, MA.
Expiration date:

NAE-2012-00311 - 6/11/2013: Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries & Town of Yarmouth; waterway & loc: Nantucket Sound of the coast of Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
Expiration date: