Cornfield Shoals, Connecticut

Cornfield Shoals Disposal siteThe Cornfield Shoals Disposal Site (CSDS) is located 3.3 nmi (6.1 km) south of Cornfield Point in Old Saybrook, CT. It is a 1 nmi² site centered at 41° 12.6858' N, 72° 21.4914' W (NAD 83). It is the only dredged material disposal site managed as a dispersive site. At a dispersive site, unlike a containment site, dredged material disposed at the site is expected to be transported out of the area. Since 1982, 1,337,058 yd3 of dredged material, mostly sand, have been disposed of at the site.The predominant topographic features are a smooth, sandy bottom and bedforms oriented in an east-west direction.

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