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Posted 5/11/2018

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By Karen Hoey
USACE, New England District

On March 18, 18 sled dog teams attended the annual Winter Warriors Fun Run Sled Dog Race at Profile Falls, Franklin Falls Dam in Bristol, New Hampshire. This is an annual race that started back in 2008 and on average 10-18 teams attend every year. Mushing is a sport using a sled that is powered by a team of dogs. This is a very popular sport for Profile Falls due to the trail conditions. The trails are groomed well and are wide enough for teams to pass one another safely.  They also provide for an easy start/finish line as well as a nice turn around loop for the teams.  The fun run’s aim is to get new people into the sport as well as to promote a fun get-together for those who love the sport.

On the day of the event, each team is assigned a starting order which corresponds to their bib number. Teams line up individually at the start gate and once one team takes off the next team has two minutes to ready their dogs at the start line before they take off for the race. The two minute interval between each team gives enough time for each to run the trail safely without interfering with another team’s run.   The finishing order and winner is determined by the overall trail time for their team. In keeping with the fun run theme, there are also fun class races for senior dogs, puppy teams and a shorter run for mushers that are children.

Following the race, the winners were announced, and the teams and spectators got together to socialize.  It was a perfect ending to a great event.