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South River Shore and Bank Protection Project

The project on the South River in Conway lies adjacent to Route 116 and a short distance downstream of the Poland Road Covered Bridge.

Erosion of the South River embankment in two separate areas threatened the stability of Route 116. To strengthen the roadway, the Corps placed a total of 650 feet of stone slope protection on the embankment. The two sections with stone slope protection, 200 feet and 450 feet long, respectively, are separated by 2,000 feet of undamaged embankment.

Construction took place between September-October 1986 at a cost of $132,000. It was built under Section 14 of the Corps’ Continuing Authorities Program. If the system is to perform the functions for which it was designed, it must be carefully maintained not only during periods of normal flow, but also during subsequent floods. The Corps recently turned the project over to the sponsor, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the town of Conway, for operation and maintenance.