Galilee Salt Marsh Restoration

The Galilee Salt Marsh was the first Section 1135 Environmental Restoration project constructed by New England District, winning a Coastal America Partnership Award in 1999, as it represented a significant step toward Coastal America’s goal of restoring degraded salt marsh habitat in the northeast region.

Disposal of dredged material from the navigation improvements at the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge in the 1950s filled in a portion of the historic salt marsh and construction of the Galilee Escape Road cut it off from tidal exchange for many years. This led to the degradation of the majority of the marsh from high value salt marsh habitat to lower value common reed marsh. The Section 1135 project restored approximately 34 acres of former salt marsh from a degraded condition which consisted primarily of fresh water wetland overgrown with common reed (Phragmites australis) and shrubs. Construction was completed and tidal flow restored to the estuary in October 1997.

For more information, please contact the Project Manager, by e-mail or by calling 978-318-8113.

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