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Wheelabrator Putnam Inc. Landfill Expansion Project

Project overview (brief summary)

Why USACE is involved

The Process

Corps Public Notices/Press Releases and/or Fact Sheet

Application & Documents Submitted

  • Application

  • Environmental Reports – wetland function

  • Plans, project figures, etc.

  • Alternatives Analysis

  • Mitigation Plan

FAQ’s re either EA or EIS (Corps or other lead Federal agency) process

Section 2

Corps correspondence/Additional Information Requests

Summary of Corps Coordination/dates

Section 408 Process, if applicable (or other internal Corps coordination)

Applicant Response to Comments/post-application submittals

Public Meeting/Public Hearing items (or other public outreach/coordination)


Permit Document(s)

Related Documents

  • Other Lead Federal Agency items (scoping notices/DEIS, etc.)
  • Section 404 – EPA coordination (EPA comment letter)
  • Section 7 USFWS/NMFS ESA Consultation
  • Section 106 Coordination (SHPO, THPO, ACHP)
  • NMFS EFH Coordination (Biological Assessment or PA)
  • USFWS NPS Coordination
  • State 401 WQC
  • State CZMC